Short story excerpt sample text

This is a text from a short story I wrote while studying for high school final exams. I’ll be using this as a sample text to demonstrate a script or orthography’s appearance and features.

I had a strange dream that night.

In that dream, I found myself awakening, lying on soft green grass, in a fantasy 8-bit world surrounded by computers. The luminance of blinking modems and warm, cheerful chiptune music filled the air. Although everything looked blocky and square, it brought me back to those days. Of all the computers I saw, 1 of them was playing my favourite song! I jump and leap in joy over the sight. I then saw my house, and I said “Hi” to my best mates, who were waiting outside. We walked together, having a cheery chat about the computer game I was working on earlier.

“So what’s that cool game gonna be about, eh?” one of them asked.
“If you loved Mario, you’ll love this!” I said.
“Awesome!!! Can’t wait to see it!” Inside me the fire to keep me going became stronger.

We walked into a vivid sunset. I reminisced the memories of past summers, playing retro video games in the cool shade, even though the sun outside peaked at 42 degrees and melted everything else.


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