Installing keyboard layouts

This post describes how to install any keyboard layout files I put up on this blog.


Uncompress the .zip file and run setup.exe. The new keyboard layout should now be enabled as an alternate layout.


This guide assumes that the keyboard layout file is called ‘nameofkblayout’ – for any other layout name, just replace ‘nameofkblayout’ with the actual file name.

1. Copy the new keyboard layout

Go to /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols. Copy and paste ‘nameofkblayout’ there.

2. Add your layout to the XKB rule

Go to /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules. Open evdev.xml, scroll to the first tag and paste this right after it:

<!-- Custom keyboard layout -->
<description>English (Name of Keyboard Layout)</description>

Replace the relevant tag content with the appropriate language and layout name info.

3. Add your layout to LXPanel’s keyboard config (If your Linux distro uses LXDE, e.g. Lubuntu)

Go to /usr/share/lxpanel/xkeyboardconfig/. Open layouts.cfg and add the following at the end:

nameofkblayout = English (Name of Keyboard Layout)

Failure to do this step will not enable the custom layout in the keyboard layout handler.


1. Install Multiling O Keyboard on your phone

If you don’t have Multiling O Keyboard already, look it up in the Play Store and install it. Multiling O has a small storage footprint (around less than 2 MB) and should not cause storage issues.

2. Enable Multiling O


Follow the on-screen instructions to enable Multiling O for input.

3. Download the layout file onto your phone

Save it somewhere, e.g. the Downloads folder.

4. Copy the layout text file on your phone

Open the layout text file in a text editor, select all contents, and copy everything.

5. Paste into Multiling O

Long press the space bar and drag your finger over to the Layouts… button. In the resulting list, press [ + DIY ], then press the Paste button.

A dialog should pop up informing if this is the custom layout you want to install. Press Ok and the layout is ready to use!

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